Ken & Dawn Ellis Picture Gallery

Most pictures on these pages were taken by Krista Ellis.
You can see more of her photos in Krista's Portfolio.

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Our Picture Gallery includes the following pictures:

  1. The Mountains of North Carolina
  2. Cross at Quiet Reflections
  3. Quiet Reflections Chapel
  4. Dawn and Ken at the entrence to Quiet Reflections Chapel
  5. Dawn relazing at Quiet Reflections
  6. Dawn, Ken, Scott, and Krista inside Chapel
  7. Ken at Quiet Reflections
  8. Scott contemplating?
  9. Lindville Falls
  10. Ken, Scott, Krista, and Dawn
  11. Dawn and Ken by the falls
  12. Ken in the mountains
  13. Frank Loyd Wright's Falling Waters
  14. Family
  15. Brandi, Scott, Wendy, Roger, and Krista
  16. Krista, Brandi, and Wendy
  17. Up-Side-Down Roger
  18. Sarah and Merle
  19. Scott, Dawn, Ken, and Krista
  20. Scott, Krista, Gladys, Ken, and Dawn
  21. Gladys
  22. House where Ken grew up
  23. Krista
  24. Krista again
  25. An old Train Bridge
  26. The Grand Stand at the York Fail
  27. Heidelberg Church in York, PA
  28. The historical York House
  29. The Central Market House in York, PA
  30. The Strand & Capitol Theaters in York, PA
  31. The Valencia Ball Room in York, PA

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