The Carousel and Calliope at
Myrtle Beach Pavilion Amusement Park
South Carolina

The Pavilion
History of Myrtle Beach Amusement Park

Pictures by Ken Ellis

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Myrtle Beach Pavilion Calliope at Myrtle Beach Carousel Dragon
Carousel Dragon Carousel Lion Carousel Horse
Carousel Horse Carousel Frog Carousel Giraph
Carousel Roster Caraousel Unicorn Carousel Horse
Carousel White Tiger Carousel Horse Flying Swing Ride

In the late 70's, Dawn, Ken, and our 2-year old son Scott spent three months living in an ocean front motel in Myrtle Beach, SC. Ken was going to school at the telephone company. We were young and enjoyed the Spring Break atmosphere in Myrtle Beach. That was in the days of carpeted vans with murals painted on the sides, streakers, and a house band at The Bowery called "Wild Country". The band could play anything - absolutely any song you could think of - they could play it. But they only played when someone gave them a dollar or a beer. Now, they get a little more than a dollar for a song. Now, "Wild Country" goes by the name "Alabama". April-May was a Go-Go dancer at the Bowery and she would dance up-side down on the ceiling. The Electric Circus was the best arcade in town. We still like to go back to Myrtle Beach whenever we get a chance. The Carousel at the Pavilion Amusement Park is one of the most beautiful we have ever seen.

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God Bless,
Ken & Dawn Ellis
Boca Raton, Florida