A Time To Remember 

Ken Ellis - Video and Still Photography
Dawn Ellis - Expediting and Assistant Photographer
Boca Raton, Florida
Phone 561-368-6852
E-Mail: KenDawnEllis@kodachrome.org
Web Page: www.kodachrome.org/remember
We regret to inform you that we are currently not accepting any new assignments.
Home Page (pictures of family & friends): www.kodachrome.org

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Your Wedding Day is
"A Time To Remember"
for the rest of your life.
The best way to preserve it is in
video and still pictures
that you can enjoy throughout the years.

Your Event, Party,
or even a Fantasy
can be remembered in video (on DVD),
still pictures (on CD), Web Page,
or turned into a Music Video.
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A series of Portraits
taken over the years
shows how your family has grown.

  • Our Services:
    • Engagement Pictures (formal, casual, or fantasy)
    • Wedding Videos (our specialty!)
    • Music Video
    • Wedding Photography
    • Wedding Web Pages
    • Portrait Photography (at the location of your choice)
    • Video and/or Still Event / Party Photography
    • Music Video Production
    • Video Editing
    • DVD of your Wedding / Event / Party for each guest
    • Expediting Service for your Wedding / Event / Party

  • Our Location:
    • We are located in Boca Raton, Florida
    • Serving Palm Beach County and Broward County (including Delray, Deerfield, Boynton, Pompano, Coral Springs, Ft. Lauderdale, and nearby areas)

  • What We Deliver:
    • #1 is to work well with YOU, the client.
    • Our goal is to understand your desires and meet them!
    • We try to keep everyone relaxed, comfortable, and encouraged during the photo shoot

    • Video Photography:
      • Digital 8 and hi8 cameras available
      • Multi-cameras used when needed
      • Computer based Digital editing of all Video
      • Your Digital or Film stills can be added to your Video
      • Video can be delivered on DVD, VCD, VHS, hi8, or Digital 8 tape
      • Copies can be made for every guest

    • Still Photography:
      • Your choice of Digital or 35mm media
      • Portrait photography at the location of your choice
      • Proofs provided as a Web Page or on CD
      • Web Page can be viewed by all your guests / family / friends
      • You may keep the high resolution digital images or 35mm negatives
      • You can save $$$ by making your own prints

    • Web Pages:
      • Your Wedding / Party / Event can be shared with guests, family, and friends via the Internet
      • Digital pictures of your event are made into an attractive, User Friendly, Web Page
      • The first web page contains small thumbnails of all your pictures
      • Clicking on a thumbnail takes you to a larger copy of the picture

    • Planning / Expediting Service:
      • We can handle Planning / Consulting for your Wedding / Event / Party
      • Invitation Design, Mailing List, Response Handling, Seating, Table Favors
      • Organizing the day of the event
      • Flower Arrangements / Decorations

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