Youth Spiritual Gifts Test  

with Automatic Analysis

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God has blessed each believer with one or more Spiritual Gifts. Do you know what Spiritual Gift(s) God has given you? If you have been wondering about this, then you have come to the right place.

This on-line Youth Spiritual Gifts Test (sometimes referred to as a Spiritual Gifts Inventory, Assessment, Survey, Analysis, or Questionnaire) will help you determine what Spiritual Gift(s) God has given you. The test performs an assessment of 20 Spiritual Gifts by presenting you with 100 statements that you are to respond to.

This test is designed for Christian youth, teenagers, and new Christians. If you have been a Christian for a few years, you should use your personal experiences as the basis for your responses. If you consider yourself to be a new Christian, then your responses should be based on how well each statement describes the desire of your heart (even if you have not yet done what the statement talks about).

This test is not specific to any one Christian Denomination. It should be noted that there is some disagreement among Christians as to exactly how many Spiritual Gifts there are. This test covers 20 Spiritual Gifts and God given talents.

Please keep in mind that this test was written by people, not by God, and as such it is certainly imperfect. It should be used as a starting place to begin to discover your Spiritual Gifts, but not as an absolute indicator. The test may not always indicate your true Spiritual Gifts. It is just one tool in what should be a life long search for how God has blessed you so you can be a blessing to others.

Test Instructions:

The test will probably take about a half hour to complete. If you don't have that much time now, then you can 'Bookmark' this page or add it to your 'Favorites' and take the test later. You must complete the test in one sitting because a partially completed test can NOT be saved.

In front of each statement is a box like this: .  When you click on the down arrow ( ), it will open a selection list of 9 to 0. For each statement, select a number somewhere between 9 and 0. A response of 9 means that the statement very strongly describes or applies to you. A response of 0 means that the statement does not describe or apply to you at all. A response of 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1 indicates exactly how strongly the statement applies to you.
Respond to each statement quickly with your first feeling. Don't be too modest. However, unless you can walk on water, you will probably respond to more statements with low numbers than with high numbers. The object is NOT to enter all 9's. The object is to be truthful and answer with your heart.

When you have responded to ALL 100 statements, click on 'Submit Test for Analysis' at the bottom of the test. Your test will be automatically analyzed. In a few seconds, it will show you a list of the 20 Spiritual Gifts and God given talents that this test covers and show you which ones appear to be the strongest in you. Each Spiritual Gift name is also a hot-link to the Spiritual Gifts Reference Material that provides a definition of each Spiritual Gift as well as Biblical References for each. Click on the names of your highest scoring 2 or 3 gifts to open a separate Reference Tab for each.

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If you would prefer to take this test on paper, a Printable Youth Spiritual Gifts Test with Manual Analysis in Microsoft-Word format can be downloaded by clicking HERE .

Important Note: The easiest way to fill in the responses is to just type a number between 9 and 0 into the box. To advance to the next statement, simply press TAB.

Are you ready to start? Take a deep breath and begin the Youth Spiritual Gifts Test . . .

Congratulations, you have completed the
Youth Spiritual Gifts Test

PLEASE read the following instructions carefully!

Please take a moment to scan through ALL the statements to make sure you responded to ALL 100 of them!
Look for any boxes that still have '? ? ?' and fill in a response.
If you missed any responses, then your scoring will not be accurate!

Next, click on the Submit Test for Analysis button below
and wait a few seconds for your Analysis to be calculated.
When the Analysis appears, you will have an opportunity to print it.

If you want to CLEAR ALL your responses so someone else can take this test,
then click on the "Clear ALL Responses" button below.

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