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Greetings from Boca Raton , Florida!

We are Ken and Dawn Ellis. God put us together about 33 years ago and we have been happily married (no lie) for the past 32 years. God has also blessed us with two perfect (well almost!) children (make that young adults) Scott and Krista . (click on their names to check out their Home Pages).

On October 17th, 1999, our daughter, Krista, was joined in marriage to Khristopher Cox. We invite you to look at pictures of her Bridal Shower and view their Wedding Pictures . They are now living in a beautiful new house they bought in Clermont (near Orlando), Florida. Khris works for a Toyota car dealer in Orlando and Krista works for a new home builder in Clermont.

Our son, Scott, married Tracie Crawford on March 3rd, 2001. Pictures of their Wedding are available on our site as well as Scott's site. Scott and Tracie are living in Concord (near Charlotte), North Carolina. They also bought a new house close to the Charlotte Lowe's Motor Speedway. You can find more pictures of their new home on Scott's Home Page .
We (Ken & Dawn) are both originally from York , Pennsylvania. We both went to York Suburban High School and we both worked for General Telephone in York. Ken worked in the Switch Room maintaining the Telephone Switching Equipment and Dawn was a Telephone Operator.

One day, Ken was driving home from work and happened to notice Dawn standing at a bus stop, in the rain, waiting for the bus to take her to work. Ken decided to stop and offer her a ride. Dawn accepted.

Dawn wrote Ken a very sweet thank you note for giving her a ride and pinned it to the bulletin board at work. Unfortunately, Ken was away at a Telephone Company training class the next two weeks, so all the "guys" got to see the note before Ken got back. The guys teased Ken a lot about the "sweet" note from the telephone operator, so Ken decided that if they're going to talk about him and Dawn anyway, he may as well ask her out for a date. That was the beginning . . .
Guess you could say "we're a telephone connection!"

After getting married, we lived in York for about 10 years, then we moved to Boca Raton, Florida, where we have enjoyed the past 22 years.

Ken and Dawn both worked for Siemens , a German based Telephone Switching Equipment manufacturer until recently. Ken had worked there 22 years and Dawn 12 years. However, due to the slow economy and even slower Telecom equipment sales, Ken and Dawn are no longer encumbered by careers. Ken put together a Web Page to help X-Siemens people keep in touch. It is called Siemens Telecom Friends .

For many years, we were members of Advent Lutheran Church in Boca Raton. A few years ago, we have moved to First Christian Church. On Saturday evenings, we also worship at Shepherd's Promise , a small Home Church in Deerfield Beach.

While we worshiped at Advent, Ken was very active in the technical ministry at Advent Lutheran Church - the Sound And Light Team (SALT). He also ran sound for Advent's Contemporary Christian music group called "MAGIC" (Music Aimed at Growth In Christ). Dawn sang with MAGIC , helped with technical setup and teardown, and danced with a group called "Children of the King". While serving the technical ministry at Advent, Ken wrote a Sound And Light Training Manual that many churches have found to be helpful in solving their sound, lighting, and video challanges.

In addition to our own Home Page, Ken has also put together Web Pages for:

Ken also wrote a short story about Christmas titled Guess who's coming to the Party! . Maybe you'd like to read it.

Dawn is very active in Gold Coast Via de Cristo . Her Criscio Reunion Group have given her the name "Palanca Queen" because of all the beautiful gifts (Palanca) that she designs and her Reunion Sisters help make for the Via De Cristo candidates and team. Recently, Dawn has served on several Ocean Side Emmaus teams.

Someday, Dawn hopes to start a Web Page devoted to Palanca ideas. She would like to include pictures of the Palanca her and her Reunion Group have made over the years with step-by-step instructions and materials lists. Someday . . .
We have a Tonkinese cat named Chloe. Tonkinese is a blend of Siamese and Burmese.
We'd love to hear from you. If you have a moment, send us a quick EMail . Ken likes to talk about sound, lighting, and video equipment for Churches. Dawn likes to talk with people involved in Via de Cristo or Emmaus.

God Bless,
Ken & Dawn Ellis

Last updated: Tuesday, May 6th, 2003