Ken & Dawn Ellis
Vacation 2001
Mackinac Island - Great Lakes - Niagara Falls

Day 2 - Sunday, August 26th, 2001

Sunday, we headed on to Dearborn, Michigan where we went to the Henry Ford Museum. The museum contained a complete history of transportation in America from horse drawn vehicles, to automobiles, to trains, and planes. They had an old Cadilac with fins much like the one my dad used to drive and a Buick Riviera much like my first car. A large section dedicated to Railroads including one of the world's largest locomotives and a working Round House. We also saw a demonstration of glass blowing.

Sunday afternoon, we continued on to Frankenmuth, Michigan, a small Bavarian community with German Old-World style and gardens overflowing with color. They even have a Glockenspiel!

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Vacation 2001 - Ken & Dawn Ellis