Ken & Dawn Ellis
Vacation 2001
Mackinac Island - Great Lakes - Niagara Falls

Day 4 - Tuesday, August 28th, 2001

Tuedsay morning, after a good night's sleep in our room, at the Grand, I got up early and went up to the fourth floor bar to watch the sun rise. Then I decided to get a few more pictures of the Victorian houses.

We took a horse and buggy tour of the island enjoying the way nature has been preserved there. The most interesting site was a natural rock bridge through which you could see the beautiful blue water of the lake.

We walked down to the shopping district for lunch. At first, it seemed like the only food available was fudge and ice cream. There were actually two stores side-by-side that each made their own fudge.

After lunch, we decided to visit the Butterfly House. It was filled with hundreds of colorful butterflies dining on flower nectar. We stopped in a few more gift shops and then took a 'radio dispatched' horse drawn carriage to the Internet Cafe on our way back to the Grand Hotel for another fabulous dinner.

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Vacation 2001 - Ken & Dawn Ellis